Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestals for Boaters

Boaters must rely on a marina’s shore power system to use AC electrical on their watercraft.
Published:  November 3, 2020

Boaters must rely on a marina’s shore power system to use AC electrical on their watercraft.

Conveniently, a boater is able to use a power pedestal to switch off the boat battery and plug into their own shore power supply to enjoy many of the advantages of home while still onboard a boat.

While in the yacht club, on the dock, or at a marina, a shore power system allows boaters to run practical tools and appliances onboard their vessels.

Pleasure boaters and commercial vessels alike enjoy the necessary convenience of a shore power source to charge batteries and run heaters, kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, and power tools.

Consider the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal, the most reliable and multifaceted shore power pedestal system available on the market, which can provide much more functionality for boaters who need offshore power or don’t want to rely on marina power stations.

What Are The Benefits Of Plugging A Boat Into A Shore Power Source?

Boaters enjoy hours of fun on the water with the use of their boat’s outboard motor or inboard engine, but when docked, boat engine use is discouraged (and most times restricted) because of noise and fumes.

A marina power pedestal is a utility post that a marina or yacht club provides in place of the boat engine or motor used for electricity, lighting, and sometimes, more.

The use of the marina power supply during restricted hours significantly reduces the environmental impact of the use of motors around the marina.

The marina air is fresh, and the engines are silent. Boaters can enjoy the quiet peace of the water and low-level lighting from a power pedestal.

Engines are expensive to run, and every running hour reduces the lifespan of the engine.

As fuel and maintenance costs increase with every hour an engine is used, it is understandable that boaters need an alternative power source.

So, boaters turn to the marina-supplied power source.

Boat owners can connect to a marina’s power source to reduce engine expenses but can still enjoy onboard entertainment systems, or other electronics and appliances.

Additionally, if you regularly dock at a private dock, you can consider installing several lighthouse power pedestals for personal use, making on-boat maintenance convenient, and much less hassle than running standalone electrical.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Water From A Marina Source?

Boaters typically only use their onboard tanks for minimal applications such as a short shower, a quick boat wash, or a pot or kettle fill.

Many boaters remain connected to shore water throughout their dock time for convenience and preservation of their onboard water supply.

A Lighthouse Power Pedestal provides two water spigots for shore water usage.

This allows boaters to have longer showers or use an onboard washing machine and use the waterless sparingly as they would with the onboard tanks.

Why Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestals?

Marinas are typically located where weather conditions vary from the sun’s powerful heat to rain, wind, and sometimes even winter weather during the offseason.

A conscientious marina owner will choose a power source that is engineered to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and the Eaton Lighthouse Pedestal is exceptionally durable.

The Eaton Lighthouse is designed to work in a marina environment and features lockable weatherproof doors that serve to protect circuit breakers and receptacles and a heavy resin housing with a two-part polyurethane coating that provides UV protection and a long-lasting finish.

The Lighthouse Pedestal also has photocell-controlled 360° LED lighting, complete with an amber lens for bug reduction, and a backlit faceplate for easy plug-ins at night.

The Eaton Lighthouse Pedestal is customizable and can be made to fit the needs of the marina, yacht club, or dock.

You have the ability to add individual metering to your Lighthouse and even phone, cable, and high-speed internet.

No matter the size of the watercraft, the Lighthouse Pedestal will provide power for vessels from small crafts to yachts.

Installing An Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal

When it is time to install your new Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal system, be sure to hire a licensed electrician and plumber, especially considering the location of the installation.

For your Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal, it is essential to hire a qualified electrician and plumber to guarantee proper installation.

A licensed plumber and electrician will alleviate many issues that can arise with a power and water source on the water, like electrical shock, or water pressure issues that can seriously damage vessels

Repair or installation work for any electrical or plumbing project should always be completed by a licensed electrician and plumber to limit any grievous errors, and minimize the damage or danger from an amateur’s haphazard work.

Licensed plumbers and electricians are trained and certified to legally work in their respective trades, and they are taught the best practices for electrical or plumbing work that needs alterations, to be moved, or installed.

A licensed professional plumber or electrician will leave you with the safety and security of a job well done.

An Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal has elements like a digital meter for water and electricity, communication ports, and integrated water access that require the expertise of a licensed electrician and plumber.

A licensed electrician follows safety procedures and protocols and is conscious of the most current regulations and codes.

This ensures that the electrical installation or repair is completed safely, without the danger of shock, fire, or other issues.

A licensed plumber has extensive training, knowledge, and practical experience.

Your plumber has the ability to complete your job correctly and permanently.

A licensed plumber will arrive with the proper equipment, ready to complete your new installation or repair, and ensure that your job is completed without the fear of flood, leaks, or other damage to your property.

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The Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal is the best option for shore power due to its practicality and durability and should be installed by a professional.

To ensure that your Power Pedestal is installed correctly, choose a plumber who has over 30 years of experience.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating is innovative and has the experience to expertly install your Lighthouse Power Pedestal at your marina, dock, or yacht club.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating is also at the forefront of smart home technology and will customize any plumbing job you require.

To schedule a consultation, contact Majewski Plumbing and Heating.

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