How Much Do Leaky Pipes Cost You?

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It's just a fact of life that even the most diligent homeowners must face at one point or another.

The question is, how much do these leaks cost?

This article will take you through some of the costs associated with pipe leaks and provide you with information on how to prevent them from happening in the first place!

The Cost of Leaky Pipes

There are several expenses associated with leaky pipes, including the cost of wasted water and the cost of repair.

How Much Water Is Wasted With Leaky Pipes?

If you're hesitant to repair your leak because you are afraid of a massive repair bill, you may be making it worse. Leaks in pipes waste (per 24 hours, at 40 pounds of water pressure):

And, 1/16" is as thick as a pen's tip, so it does not take much of a hole to create massive water losses.

The use of a smart water system can help decrease your home's water usage by giving you a look at how much water is being used in your home, and as a result, you can make changes accordingly.

What is the Pipe Leak Repair Cost?

The cost of pipe leak repair varies depending on the extent and location of the damage. For example, if there is a leak in your water heater, you may need to install a new one.

A plumber will give you an accurate estimate of the cost once they perform an inspection and diagnosis. You can expect to pay between $125 for minor jobs and over $5000 for major repairs.

The price of your repair will vary depending on the severity of the damage and where it is located.

It is always better to prevent issues than to repair them after the damage has already occurred.

Make sure that you're checking the temperature of your water lines and looking at them for any signs of leaks or damage regularly.

If you are worried about the cost of pipe leak repair, consider using Flo by Moen to monitor your home's pipes will catch an issue with pressure before anything serious happens.

Leaks can also affect the home itself!

For example, if the leak is located in a basement or wall cavity of your house, it not only wastes water but could damage your floors and walls as well.

This can be expensive to repair, so you must contact a plumber as soon as possible once there is any indication of a problem with your pipes.

Why Leaking Pipes are Devastating

When pipes leak, you will notice an increase in the water bill, waste of water, need to repair the pipes, and may water damage from the leaks. These are all costly issues that can affect your budget as well as your home!

For example, an increase in water bills can be caused by many different factors. A leaky pipe could cause your utility bill to rise due to the amount of water you use per billing cycle.

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Did you know that a small drip from one faucet into the sink or bathtub equals one gallon of wasted water per day?

The amount of water waste is worse with a fast leak.

If this happens consistently, expect your water bill to increase!

If this happens in your bathtub or shower, imagine what could be happening if there are undetected leaks in your walls.

More serious leakages can also have dramatic consequences.

For example, if the leak is located in your basement, it could very well damage your floors and walls!

This can be pricey to repair. It's essential to contact a plumber as soon as possible when you suspect a leak in your system.

A plumber will check for leaks and fix them quickly before they can do more damage.

Best Ways to Prevent Leaky Pipes

Flo by Moen - Majewski

Flo by Moen is a smart water and valve system that allows you to monitor your home's pipes and will shut off your water as soon as it detects an issue.

By utilizing this, you can prevent damage from occurring in the first place!

In addition to protecting your home from potential risks associated with pipe leaks, Flo by Moen will also notify you when there is an issue so that you can call a plumber to address it right away.

It's important to note, though, that no product will prevent all issues with your pipes.

While Flo by Moen monitors water flow and pressure through the home, it is important to ensure that you regulate the temperature in your home to keep your pipes warm enough not to freeze.

Make sure that you are constantly checking the outside temperature of your water lines, as well as any other pipes in or around your home in inclement weather. Installing a smart thermostat can also ensure that you have an eye on the temperature in your home, even when you're out.

Hiring the Right Plumber

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It's important to hire a knowledgeable plumber who can quickly identify the problem and fix it before the damage worsens.

If you have any suspicion of water leaks in your house, contact Majewski Plumbing as soon as possible!

Whether you need repairs or installation for new pipes, we can help. We offer virtual services to diagnose problems or help to provide solutions.

You won't be left with burst pipes or leakages that cause more harm than good.

You can rest assured that your plumbing and smart home services are in good hands with Majewski Plumbing, the highest-rated plumbing company in Cape May County.

We have many years of experience working on all types of plumbing work – from installations and replacements to repairs and integration of smart home technology for leak detection and water usage monitoring.

Majewski Plumbing offers smart home services for your convenience if you are interested in plumbing solutions or upgrading your home's systems to smart technology.

Contact us today to see how we can make your homework for you.

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The Importance of Winterizing Your Cottage at the End of Summer

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The end of summer is quickly approaching, and many people are starting to get ready for winter.

In Villas, NJ, we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons.

Vacationers flock to our beaches and look for summer rentals for fishing trips.

Vacation homeowners in the Cape May County area know how important it is to keep a summer home or cottage in tip-top shape, especially since they typically sit vacant for a few months of the year.

You don’t want to head into the winter without adequately preparing your vacation home. We know that winterizing your cottage can be a tedious process, so we’ve created this blog post to ensure you don’t miss anything important!

Read on to see why it is essential to winterize your cottage at the end of summer:

Save Money on Utility Bills

While some vacation property owners will shut down the power in their cottage for the winter, most do not.

This means that you will still be paying for utilities, even if you are not using as many services as you do while renting your property to guests or spending time there yourself.

Turning off appliances is a common practice in winterizing your vacation home.

However, many cottage property owners will not turn their heating systems off entirely. So you may want to selectively turn fuses off in your fuse box before you leave for the season.

You may want to consider extra security precautions like a security system or lights with timers.

Ensuring that you take measures to save money and energy in your vacation home will keep your utility bills low when you are not staying at the property.

You should also disconnect, store, and turn off any propane appliances before the long fall and winter break.

This includes barbecues, patio heaters, fireplaces, and propane tanks.

To avoid leaks while away from the property for a considerable length of time, be sure to close the valve on your smaller propane tanks before disconnecting and storing them upright.

Avoid Roof Leaks

It is important to regularly clean the rain gutters on your vacation home. Not only do clogged and dirty gutters cause possible water damage inside your vacation home, but they can also cause structural damage and personal property loss.

Gutters offer protection for structures by channeling rain flow via downspouts away from building foundations and properties.

Winter can be particularly hard on homes; heavy snow, freezing rain, and high winds can damage your home, regardless of the age of your home and roof.

Cleaning out rain gutters each year will reduce the risk of water damage from clogged gutters when it’s cold outside.

Taking action around your gutters also protects vacation homes from dampness that can cause unhealthy mold growth.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

To ease the burden during a hectic time of year, take some proactive measures now. Start by checking the exterior and noting potential problems like cracks in your foundation or broken siding.

After thoroughly examining every part inside and out, you may want to call a contractor to complete minor repairs on the damage that could lead to rodent or pest infestation or other foundation or structural issues.

Prevent Roof Damage and Structural Weakening

Damage Winter Roof - Majewski

Fall and winter weather can do a number on roofs.

One way of ensuring that you avoid roof damage while you are away from your vacation property is by inspecting the roof for visible signs of wear, such as raised or curled shingles.

It is good to either spot repair or prepare for roof repairs or replacement if you identify any issues.

If your roof is damaged in the winter, this could deteriorate the integrity of your home’s structure and damage the contents inside.

Keep an Eye on Your Property

One of the most stressful parts of owning a vacation property is being away from it when the season ends. And not just because it would be great to have summer all year round! Many things can go wrong when your vacation home is left vacant for the fall and winter.

However, with the introduction of smart home devices, it is possible to remotely control or monitor many features found in your house. If your vacation home is equipped with smart devices, you will be able to check in from afar!

At Majewski Plumbing, we offer expertise in smart home devices that can manage your plumbing, water usage, lights, thermostat, and more.

With the installation of smart features such as smart water devices or using a smart assistant, you can monitor your vacation home from wherever you are and save yourself money at the same time.

Get alerted to water leaks, and rest assured that your plumbing system will shut down before significant damage occurs with the Flo by Moen, or turn the lights on and off for safety and security, and more—all managed from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Prevent Water Damage

Winterizing plumbing in a cottage is recommended when it will be uninhabited for an extended period of time or if the pipes are uninsulated.

The winterization process involves draining all water from the pipes, emptying the water heater, and other methods which prevent water from freezing in the pipes and breaking the system.

It is important to winterize plumbing pipes before it starts getting colder. When water freezes, the pressure from expansion can cause leaks and breaks in your household plumbing.

Call Majewski Plumbing

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Even if you plan to spend some time at your vacation property in the winter, ensuring that your plumbing system and other utilities are all up-to-date is crucial.

Here at Majewski Plumbing, we can help you prepare your vacation home for colder temperatures, regardless of vacancy. One of our skilled plumbers can visit your vacation property to prepare it for winter and ensure it is in proper order when spring rolls back around and you are ready to spend time there once again.

We also offer smart home installations. The Flo by Moen smart device is one that can detect leaks. We also can install new water heaters for residential and commercial properties.

Call us to schedule an appointment today with one of our skilled plumbers who can take care of any last-minute fixes before the cold weather sets in!

You don’t want to head into the winter without adequately preparing your vacation home. We know that winterizing your cottage can be a tedious process but it's extremely important.

Winterizing your cottage can:

Even if you plan to spend some time at your vacation property in the winter, ensuring that your plumbing system and other utilities are all up-to-date is crucial.

Call us to schedule an appointment today with one of our skilled plumbers who can take care of any last-minute fixes before the cold weather sets in!

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Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestals for Boaters

Boaters must rely on a marina’s shore power system to use AC electrical on their watercraft.

Conveniently, a boater is able to use a power pedestal to switch off the boat battery and plug into their own shore power supply to enjoy many of the advantages of home while still onboard a boat.

While in the yacht club, on the dock, or at a marina, a shore power system allows boaters to run practical tools and appliances onboard their vessels.

Pleasure boaters and commercial vessels alike enjoy the necessary convenience of a shore power source to charge batteries and run heaters, kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, and power tools.

Consider the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal, the most reliable and multifaceted shore power pedestal system available on the market, which can provide much more functionality for boaters who need offshore power or don’t want to rely on marina power stations.

What Are The Benefits Of Plugging A Boat Into A Shore Power Source?

Boaters enjoy hours of fun on the water with the use of their boat’s outboard motor or inboard engine, but when docked, boat engine use is discouraged (and most times restricted) because of noise and fumes.

A marina power pedestal is a utility post that a marina or yacht club provides in place of the boat engine or motor used for electricity, lighting, and sometimes, more.

The use of the marina power supply during restricted hours significantly reduces the environmental impact of the use of motors around the marina.

The marina air is fresh, and the engines are silent. Boaters can enjoy the quiet peace of the water and low-level lighting from a power pedestal.

Engines are expensive to run, and every running hour reduces the lifespan of the engine.

As fuel and maintenance costs increase with every hour an engine is used, it is understandable that boaters need an alternative power source.

So, boaters turn to the marina-supplied power source.

Boat owners can connect to a marina’s power source to reduce engine expenses but can still enjoy onboard entertainment systems, or other electronics and appliances.

Additionally, if you regularly dock at a private dock, you can consider installing several lighthouse power pedestals for personal use, making on-boat maintenance convenient, and much less hassle than running standalone electrical.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Water From A Marina Source?

Boaters typically only use their onboard tanks for minimal applications such as a short shower, a quick boat wash, or a pot or kettle fill.

Many boaters remain connected to shore water throughout their dock time for convenience and preservation of their onboard water supply.

A Lighthouse Power Pedestal provides two water spigots for shore water usage.

This allows boaters to have longer showers or use an onboard washing machine and use the waterless sparingly as they would with the onboard tanks.

Why Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestals?

Eaton Lighthouse power pedestal - Majewski Plumbing

Marinas are typically located where weather conditions vary from the sun’s powerful heat to rain, wind, and sometimes even winter weather during the offseason.

A conscientious marina owner will choose a power source that is engineered to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and the Eaton Lighthouse Pedestal is exceptionally durable.

The Eaton Lighthouse is designed to work in a marina environment and features lockable weatherproof doors that serve to protect circuit breakers and receptacles and a heavy resin housing with a two-part polyurethane coating that provides UV protection and a long-lasting finish.

The Lighthouse Pedestal also has photocell-controlled 360° LED lighting, complete with an amber lens for bug reduction, and a backlit faceplate for easy plug-ins at night.

The Eaton Lighthouse Pedestal is customizable and can be made to fit the needs of the marina, yacht club, or dock.

You have the ability to add individual metering to your Lighthouse and even phone, cable, and high-speed internet.

No matter the size of the watercraft, the Lighthouse Pedestal will provide power for vessels from small crafts to yachts.

Installing An Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal

When it is time to install your new Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal system, be sure to hire a licensed electrician and plumber, especially considering the location of the installation.

For your Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal, it is essential to hire a qualified electrician and plumber to guarantee proper installation.

A licensed plumber and electrician will alleviate many issues that can arise with a power and water source on the water, like electrical shock, or water pressure issues that can seriously damage vessels

Repair or installation work for any electrical or plumbing project should always be completed by a licensed electrician and plumber to limit any grievous errors, and minimize the damage or danger from an amateur’s haphazard work.

Licensed plumbers and electricians are trained and certified to legally work in their respective trades, and they are taught the best practices for electrical or plumbing work that needs alterations, to be moved, or installed.

A licensed professional plumber or electrician will leave you with the safety and security of a job well done.

An Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal has elements like a digital meter for water and electricity, communication ports, and integrated water access that require the expertise of a licensed electrician and plumber.

A licensed electrician follows safety procedures and protocols and is conscious of the most current regulations and codes.

This ensures that the electrical installation or repair is completed safely, without the danger of shock, fire, or other issues.

A licensed plumber has extensive training, knowledge, and practical experience.

Your plumber has the ability to complete your job correctly and permanently.

A licensed plumber will arrive with the proper equipment, ready to complete your new installation or repair, and ensure that your job is completed without the fear of flood, leaks, or other damage to your property.

Majewski Plumbing

The Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal is the best option for shore power due to its practicality and durability and should be installed by a professional.

To ensure that your Power Pedestal is installed correctly, choose a plumber who has over 30 years of experience.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating is innovative and has the experience to expertly install your Lighthouse Power Pedestal at your marina, dock, or yacht club.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating is also at the forefront of smart home technology and will customize any plumbing job you require.

To schedule a consultation, contact Majewski Plumbing and Heating.

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