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Winterizing Prep - Fall

Preventative Maintenance, and Monitoring
Majewski Services no. 1 specialty is plumbing. We handle all underground work. pertaining to drains, pipes, and gas lines. We also personally handle installations of units that come with the best warranties the industry has to offer.

We can guarantee hot water in just 12 seconds or less - most often in less than 6 seconds!

As our signature, all new construction and renovation jobs come with our LeakSmart valves.

Winterizing - Summer

Fast, affordable, with no repairs
We use top-of-the-line, Navien boilers, which are the fastest, most energy-efficient boilers in the industry today.

They are the Cadillac of the industry, last, forever, come with outstanding warranties, and disburse the heat evenly throughout your home.

Smart Plumbing

Smart Safety Valves, Voice Activated Showers, & More
Tying directly in with our other branch of Majewski Services (Majewski Smart Homes), we have brought technology to your plumbing systems.

Our smart valves can stop leaks by detecting running water leaks, and automatically shutting off your pipes, and alerting you of the problem.

Our valves are also capable of being voice programmed, so that you can say "Alexa, start my shower!" and within 12 seconds your shower is running at the predetermined temperature.

As our signature, all new construction and renovation jobs come with our Flo By Moen Smart valves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is winterization?
Good plumbing is not only essential for your health and comfort, but also helps you in the long run – especially when you plan to sell your house. Bad plumbing can cause many ongoing problems, such as seepage issues, blocked drains and septic tank overflow. Any of these problems can play havoc with your house, and make it less attractive on the market. For this reason, plumbing should always be considered a good investment because it will be beneficial in maximizing your asking price – and perhaps more quickly attracting an offer!
What does winteriziation prevent?
Done correctly, winterization restricts airflow. Homeowners make modifications to keep air inside the house. There are natural leaks inside the home around the roofs, windows and doors. Preventing cold air outside the home from seeping into the house and hot air inside the house from leaking outside has some downstream effects.
Why does winterization work?
Proper weatherization meets at the intersection of insulation and air sealing because these two actions prevent air leakage and conduction. Combined, then winterizing your home helps homeowners stay comfortable and save energy.

Additionally, winterizing your home has a few benefits, such as reducing moisture and the risk of mold. As a result, homeowners experience lower monthly energy expenses, while improving indoor air quality.
What are weatherization basics?
There are some basic actions that homeowners should know and can complete to prepare their home for winter. Initial steps relate to the building envelope, which is simply the physical barrier between the interior and exterior of a building.

Next, following or supplementing a home energy checkup, then find or develop a checklist (available for download). It may take some time to work through the items to check and perhaps modify or repair, so start soon!


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