Understanding Your Home Ecosystem

You might be wondering of what's your home ecosystem. When you learned plumbing then you literally understand your home's ecosystem.
September 4, 2021
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Plumbing issues contribute to massive amounts of wasted water annually in the United States.

Your home's portion of the 1.7 trillion gallons wasted annually means you are also throwing your hard-earned money down the drain.

Your water losses could equal over $380 annually, but they don't have to.

Sometimes, the solution to your wasted water lies in an understanding of how your home ecosystem works. You might be wondering what that means. The plumbing system in your home is essentially its ecosystem.

And, just like in nature, when a component of the ecosystem is affected, the whole thing can break down. When you learn some plumbing fundamentals, you can learn how to fix your own water waste issues.

Read on to see how your plumbing system works and when you need a professional solution to your plumbing water waste.

How Does My Plumbing Work?

Your home plumbing system seems overwhelming when you are faced with a clog that isn't easily solved or a leak that is deep within your walls. However, the system itself isn't as complex as you might think.

The plumbing system has two systems that run simultaneously. These are the water supply system (the water main) and the drain-water vent system, or simply put your pipes.

After these systems, your plumbing relies on your fixtures and appliances to deliver the plumbing services.

Your Water Main

The water main is the primary pipe that delivers water to your home from your well or municipal water reserve.

The system needs water pressure to flow through your house from the supply. The water is brought into your home's plumbing system.

If your home uses city water, it is brought from a large pipe that runs under your street.

If you can determine that your plumbing issue is coming from your home's connection to the water main, you may need to call your municipal water emergency number.

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If you do not have access to your city's water supply, you probably have a well water source. Your well should not be allowed to run dry, so you must keep an eye on its levels.

As highly pressurized water from the water source is brought into your home, you will know if there is a plumbing issue when your water pressure is low at the furthest point from the water main.

Your shower or faucets will be your tell-tale sign of low water pressure. You might have a blockage or leak at the water supply connection.

If you are experiencing water pressure issues, call a plumber to determine where the problem stems. It could be a simple fix, or this might be a more involved fix.

One thing is for sure—if there is an issue with the water main, your home will be without water.

Your Pipes

Your pipes are the component of your plumbing system where water travels from the water main throughout your house.

A pipe ends at a home fixture or appliance, such as your showers, toilets, washing machine, or sinks. There will be a shutoff valve for the pipe close to the pipe's end.

When pipes are correctly installed, there should be no leaks in your home. But, like everything, your pipes will age with your home.

Once your pipes start to fall apart, you will notice some symptoms in your home.

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One such sign is water marks on your wall or ceiling; there may be water drips present, but they also may not be. You could also see pooled water on your floor or your water bill climbing.

When you have a leak in your pipes, among other problems, it can even affect your toilets by not providing enough water pressure to flush.

When you call a plumber to assess the situation, you may be looking at a major repair or replacement of your pipes.

Still, it is best to leave it to a professional so that you can curb your water waste and mitigate damage to your home and possessions.

Your Fixtures or Appliances

As your water main determines how the water gets to your house, your pipes determine if your fixtures and appliances will work.

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If your plumbing system is in disrepair or has a blockage, your appliances will be affected.

If you have gone without a washing machine or the use of one of your restrooms for any period of time, you know how vital these are to the comfort of your home.

Fixing problems with your pipes or water supply will solve many problems in your home.

This simple equation of the three systems gives you some insight into where and how plumbing issues happen and how plumbers fix them.

Plumbing Professionals

Once you know how your plumbing system works, you are armed with some knowledge that can help keep your plumbing running smoothly.

When your plumbing isn't running as it should be, you need to call a professional plumber to determine the problem.

If you are serious about being less wasteful regarding water, explore smart home solutions that a professional plumber can install.

These smart solutions can detect water leaks and automatically shut off the water to prevent damage and wasted water.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating specialize in smart home technology. When you are ready to convert your home plumbing system, Majewski Plumbing and Heating will discuss your options and provide smart home solutions to make your home more comfortable and convenient.


Smart water solutions go beyond just shutting your water off if there is a leak, however.

Installing a smart shower means that your water will be heated to the exact temperature you program, so there is no more wasted time fiddling with the knobs and no more wasted water waiting for the right temperature.

You can also include smart water solutions in your kitchen, filling bottles and stopping the pour when the correct amount of water has been served.

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