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Smart Home Security

Security Cameras, Video Doorbells, Spotlight Cameras
Service provider in RING technology, a system which provides the same security devices and safety measures that celebrities around the world use themselves (Shaq is on the front of RING's site.)

Besides having state of the art security technology, it's also all mobile accessible, and voice activated.

We can merge RING technology directly into your other smart home features that we already provide, so that you can say "Alexa, display doorbell." and you can see who is outside your front door.

Ring is not the only technology we offer best smart home security system. We also install and train our customers on how to use Nest or Wink - which integrates directly into Google Voice or Alexa and is app-enabled.

Smart Valves & Plumbing

Faster, Cleaner Water, Leak Prevention
Faster, Cleaner Water, Leak Prevention

We have brought technology to your plumbing systems.

Our smart water valve can stop leaks by detecting running water leaks. They automatically shut off your pipes from your main water supply and alert you of the problem via an app within seconds.

Our valves are also capable of being voice programmed, so that you can say "Alexa, start my shower!" and within 12 seconds your shower is running at the predetermined temperature.

As our signature, all new construction and renovation jobs come with our Flo By Moen Smart valves.

​Smart Home Thermostats

Energy Saving = Money Saving
We use state-of-the-art thermostats that are dialed directly into your boiler and home heating systems and can be controlled from any mobile device.

All thermostats can be scheduled to go on and off and maintain minimal at certain times of the day.

The difference is our systems take into account variations in temperatures based on which room it is.

We can program your home to redirect airflow and heat to rooms that need it more than others, maintaining a more thorough temperature throughout your home.

​Automated Light Systems

Schedule Your Lights, Even Which Rooms
When away or on vacation, you can even schedule your lights in each room to turn on and off randomly during the week to give the appearance that someone is home.

We can also program your light to come on at certain times of the day, such as when you typically arrive home, so that you never walk into a dark house.

All of our lights are also voice enabled.

A Working Example Of How We Can Transform Your Home Using Our Wink Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart home?
Smart homes automate and connect your household appliances, giving you more control than ever before. Everything is typically connected using WiFi, though it can also use radio protocols like ZigBee and Z-Wave. Another new option will be Bluetooth 5, which is said to be a potential technology for connecting smart home tech.

With devices connected to the Internet, you can setup:

- Remote control, for adjusting the thermostat from anywhere

- Home automation based on schedules, motion, temperature, and more

- Voice control using Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and others
How can smart valves save me money?
There's a number of ways a smart valve can save you money. For starters, it stops you from being charged for any volume of air present in your water by compressing the air volume before it reaches your meter. Second, it prevents pressure drops from water usage from reaching the water meter. Last, it keeps your water meter operating within its designed flow range and reduces over-supply caused by higher-than-desired city pressure.
Can smart home technology be used for my business?
Smart home technology is great option for your business! The list of smart devices that can be integrated into your business is just as long as those used for a home.

Some examples include:

- Smart TV's
- Ring security systems
- Smart Lighting
- Audio Systems

All from a single system!
Will you have to punch holes in my home to install smart home technology?
Hard-wiring is a good and reliable option for home automation systems, we ensure to avoid drilling holes whenever possible - but there are some instances where it will be needed. We will be sure to ask you before hand though.
Do these require monthly fees?
Sometimes. This is why it’s very important to research gadgets before buying. Many people buy a doorbell or camera and have to return it because they weren’t expecting monthly fees. The reality of smart home systems is that some work without any monthly fees, while others cost a few dollars each month.
Can smart home gadgets really save me money?
It seems counterintuitive that expensive home gadgets could save you money in the long run, but it’s actually quite possible. Several smart home tech products are designed to decrease your monthly bills in some way.

Ecobee claims to reduce energy savings by an average of 23% by automatically adjusting your thermostat as you come and go. Rachio smart sprinkler controller can delay your irrigation if it rains to reduce water consumption.

Haiku fans work with smart thermostats to turn on automatically when the temperature rises to a certain level, increasing airflow without using your HVAC system.

While they will cost you more than their “dumb” (or not internet-connected) competition, smart home gadgets may make up for it with their savings in the long run.



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