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Plumbing & Heating Repairs

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Majewski Services no. 1 specialty is plumbing. Outside our product's great warranties, we also pride ourselves in taking extreme attention to detail, especially with more delicate, Victorian or Colonial-style homes.

Getting good and reliable service in the Cape May County area, particularly the Wildwoods, during the off-season is no longer a problem when you call us. We can promise a fast response, fast repairs, and lower prices than our competitors.

For questions or more info, please contact us.

New Vanity's & Showers

Custom, & Affordable Modern Designs
We will walk you through the most modern designs, and which equipment is the most reliable.

Aside from longevity, we will make sure your new kitchen or bathroom is done right, with the finest attention to detail, and we won't leave a job until it is perfect.

Select from our product catalog and choose from hundreds of different styles and colors for faucets, vanities, sinks, tubs, and more.

Smart Plumbing

Smart Safety Valves, Voice-Activated Showers, & More
We have brought technology to your plumbing systems.

Our smart valves can stop leaks by detecting running water leaks, automatically shutting off your pipes, and alerting you of the problem.

Our valves are also capable of being voice programmed, so that you can say "Alexa, start my shower!" and within 12 seconds your shower is running at the predetermined temperature.

As a signature to us, all new construction and renovation jobs come with our Flo By Moen Smart valves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with professional plumbing construction?
Professional plumbing construction is pretty much essential to virtually every element of your home or business. Think about how much you use your existing plumbing system every day. From showering, to watering your lawn, to cooking dinner, to brushing your teeth, quality plumbing is essential. Without new construction plumbing from a qualified service professional like Majewski Plumbing, there’s no way to have a functional property from top to bottom.
Can new plumbing construction on my home increase the resale value?
Good plumbing is not only essential for your health and comfort, but also helps you in the long run – especially when you plan to sell your house. Bad plumbing can cause many ongoing problems, such as seepage issues, blocked drains and septic tank overflow. Any of these problems can play havoc with your house, and make it less attractive on the market. For this reason, plumbing should always be considered a good investment because it will be beneficial in maximizing your asking price – and perhaps more quickly attracting an offer!
What is the most expensive part a bathroom remodel?
The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is typically tile work and plumbing. Both of which are found in the most expensive area in the bathroom remodel, the shower.
What should you not do when remodeling a bathroom?
Here's 7 pitfalls to avoid when remodeling your bathroom:
1. Remodeling the bathroom with no plan.
2. Choosing expensive options when simple ones work better.
3. Replacing items rather than repairing items.
4. Ignoring bathroom ventilation.
5. Installing the wrong type of bathroom flooring.
6. Entirely doing the bathroom remodel yourself.
What options should I consider when adding to my home?
One of the most outstanding benefits of buying a brand new home is the ability to personalize it to fit your lifestyle, your design preference and the color scheme that you find most appealing. Most importantly, when you build a new home you should consider how you live in your home and what added square footage you will need. It is easier to add space when you are planning instead of after the home is built. Your real estate agent can help you weigh and measure your priorities so you can determine what options to select.
What can an installation process look like?
There are three main components in residential plumbing: the water supply system, the drainage system and the appliance/fixture installation.
Standard plumbing procedures are governed by the local codes, but it is your home’s layout that determines fixture placement, the pipe routing diagram and the size of the pipes.


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