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Perma-Liner Trenchless Pipelining

Perma-Liner Trenchless Pipelining is a non-invasive, broad-spectrum relining technology that does not require you to dig up your lawn. Learn about this trenchless pipe repair technology below.
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What is Perma-Liner?

Are you tired of the destruction and mess that comes with traditional pipe replacement methods? Look no further than Perma-Liner, the leading provider of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation in North America. Our minimally invasive option eliminates the need for large equipment and the mess of digging up your property. Not only are we efficient and cost-effective, but our wide range of pipe lining products, including lateral drain lining and mainline sectional point repair, give us an edge over the competition. Plus, with our material supply lengthened by shorter lengths, stocking issues are a thing of the past.

Trust the experts at Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC, who have been providing plumbing professionals and municipalities with Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) systems since 1999. Don't settle for anything less than the best, choose Perma-Liner for all your pipe replacement needs. The technology of the Perma-Liner is a revolutionary way to repair your damaged sewer pipes without having to undertake to excavate your front yard. Our plumbers will use trenchless pipe lining to fix your sewer with a process called CIPP or cured-in-place pipe.

In this process, the broken pipe is repaired or replaced by a resin-soaked tube liner made of polyester or fiberglass cloth. The resin is inserted into the tube, and the tube is pulled into the damaged pipe from one access point. A bladder is inserted and pressurized with hot steam until the new liner cures. This process allows our plumbers to replace your old, worn-down pipe with a durable new one that is made to last at least 50 years. The insertion usually occurs from the main access point, for example, a manhole or excavation. Non-invasive pipe repair is an excellent way to extend the life of your pipeline and reduce the risk of significant sewer issues in the meantime. The process also saves time, money, and disruption.
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traditional pipe replacement methods

Why Perma-Liner?

Pipe repair these days is often completed with trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair is vastly more efficient than traditional pipe rehabilitation, and here is a list of why:

Minimizing Damage

Underground sewer pipes are often hard to access, which can cause property damage when repairs are needed. Usually, your basement floor or yard needs to be excavated to access broken or damaged pipes. Not only does that leave your property in disarray, but the heavy equipment required to complete the repairs can further damage your lawn or yard. Trenchless technology helps reduce this concern by minimizing the need for extensive digging and heavy equipment.


Trenchless repairs are popular since they're just as effective as other methods in many situations. In addition, a trenchless repair is a long-term solution and is less expensive than digging. You will save on the time and cost of excavation and have a better-looking patch job. You can be confident that your repairs can last up to 50 years.


All trenchless pipe installers should be certified before starting a project. Using a qualified and adequately insured installer for your Perma-Liner can be beneficial so that you know it will be done right. Trenchless repair is cheaper and less time-consuming than traditional pipe recovery because you don’t have to pay for the additional costs of hardscaping or landscaping remodeling.
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How Does Trenchless Pipelining Work?

As mentioned, Trenchless sewer pipelining is a solution that removes clogs and prevents backups while fixing your sewer. Trenchless technologies involve cleaning out the sewer line and installing an epoxy lining to seal the entire inside of the pipe. This keeps roots out and prevents stormwater from entering.

The installation of this plumbing system will generally take several steps and require the help of more than one member of our plumbing crew. While a lot of prep work must be done before any installation can occur, this process is still less invasive than the traditional replacement method. We recommend allowing a whole day for the installation, assuming everything is set up beforehand.

Here's what a typical day might look like:


The first step of every pipe inspection is to examine the pipe using a sewer camera.


Once the roots, mud, and other debris are cleared out of the pipe, we pressure wash the inside of your sewer line.


This is followed by preparing the pipe with special epoxies.


The liner is placed in the pipe and steam-cured using state-of-the-art equipment to create a long-lasting seal.


The equipment is removed, then a visual inspection is done to check that a thorough seal was created.

Installing Perma-Liner in the Cape May, New Jersey Area

Majewski Plumbing is the go-to company for trenchless pipe repair in New Jersey. We can help you whether you're dealing with plumbing issues at your vacation home, residential or commercial property.

We can help you with anything from plumbing repair to a new installation. No matter what it is, we'll fix the problem in no time. With our trenchless technology, you'll enjoy a completely new and fast installation of your property's sewer pipe system without any damage caused by digging up the ground or tearing up your exterior yard.

From new plumbing installations, winterizing your summer home, major plumbing repair, or smart home installation services, Majewski Plumbing is Cape May’s leading plumbing service provider.

Contact us to learn more about Perma-Liner Trenchless Pipelining for your home or business repair.
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