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Ultimate Comfort with Zoning
An iFLOW Hydronic Furnace runs at 100 different speeds: From 1% to 100%, the iFLOW adjusts in 1% increments to deliver only the right amount of conditioned airflow you need, resulting in much less on/off/on/off cycling for longer run times, smoother temperature delivery, much better comfort, and significantly improved efficiency.
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Ultimate Efficiency

Highest efficiencies = lowest energy bills!
And a much greener planet. iFLOW combination systems can outperform even the highest AFUE-rated, Energy-Star labeled furnaces by an average of 9% because of their exceptional hardware and software engineering. iFLOW is unrivaled in terms of efficiency optimization, most often delivering 95%~98% with mod/con tankless, combi-boilers or boilers,
and even greater when paired with heat pumps. On average, an iFLOW combi-system delivers payback in 3.5 years.
iFLOW combination systems
iFLOW Hydronic Furnaces

iFLOW Reduces 
Environmental Footprint

iFLOW Hydronic Furnaces offers contractors, builders, engineers, and HVAC designers, the flexibility to create systems with exceptional efficiencies.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction is a function of the
premium efficiency of the iFLOW Combi-System you create.
Reductions can range from -10% to -50%, but are typically
between -20% to -30%.

Installation Flexibility

Installs complete in as small as a 3’x 3’ closet
- Frees up valuable square footage
- For condos, townhouses & single family homes
- Full modulation enables custom load matching to manage whole home loads and partial loads efficiently and comfortably
- Eliminates oversizing/under sizing with auto ‘right
sizing’ every installation
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Best Warranty in North America
flow produces not only the most technologically advanced
Hydronic Furnaces in North America, but also the most reliable, backed by the best hydronic furnace warranty in the business. Count on iFLOW to deliver worry-free performance, comfort, and savings for years to come with its Limited Lifetime Warranty!
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