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FLO by Moen

Automated Leak Prevention & Detection
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Our team will install, calibrate, and personally train you on how to use, operate, and maintain your Flo valve system and app.

Partnered with our WINK software - works with any plumbing system.
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Flo on the Go

• Flo is the all-in-one security system for your home water.
• Remote and automatic water shut off
• Proactive maintenance alerts (before there’s a leak)
• Learns water use and identifies all leaks, anywhere in your home
• Daily tests to maintain a leak-free home
• Voice Control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Flo Stops Floods and Leaks

• Flo installs directly into your main water supply.
• In the event of a leak, it will automatically shut off the water in 5 seconds or less.
• Flo learns your routines - so it will also alert you via a ping notification to your phone's mobile app if it detects any anomalies in water usage.
• This is Majewski Plumbing & Smart Homes signature device that we install in all of our projects and homes.
Real Review of Flo
Watch this short review after 1 week's worth of using Flo, and how it teaches you how to save on your utility bill
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