Flo by Moen™: Rise of Smart Water Technology

Smart homes are becoming more common for homeowners nowadays. That includes smart water technology that detects water leaks.
Published:  July 28, 2021
Smart Technology - Majewski

Smart homes are becoming more common in new builds, and even existing homeowners are getting in on the smart home action by retrofitting their homes with smart technology.

When homeowners want intelligent leak detection that fits with a well-designed home's aesthetic, they turn to Flo by Moen™.

Homeowners in the Cape May county area understand that adopting smart technology like Flo by Moen™ into their homes not only offers convenience but can also help them to save money with fewer wasted utilities and less expenditure.

Majewski Plumbing is proud to offer the industry-ruling Flo by Moen™ Smart Water Security System, a group of products that combine efforts to defend your home against water loss, damage, and leaks.

Majewski Plumbing wants to help create a home that works for you.

Smart Home Technology

Homeowners have learned that connected households are more efficient and budget-friendly.

By connecting your home plumbing system to an innovative line of smart products like Flo by Moen™ and U by Moen, you are designing your kitchen and bathrooms for efficiency. Also, you are preventing water disasters from potentially destroying your biggest asset— your home.

Smart water detector - Majewski

Smart water leak detectors can detect water leak areas, so you can stop a leak and prevent moisture from gathering, pooling water, or flooding.

The latest innovation in smart water technology is the Flo by Moen™ line. Flo by Moen™ offers a Smart Water Detector, Smart Sump Pump Monitor, and Smart Water Shutoff.

When your plumbing system springs a leak, it is vital to fix it before you incur significant water damage.

Integrating smart water technology into your home can save you a lot of money in damages, keep you from losing your belongings, and prevent safety worries like mold buildup and rotting structures.

Your household will not only benefit from smart water leak detectors, but Moen also offers additional connected water products that will make your life easier. These are the new U by Moen Smart Faucet and the U by Moen Smart Shower.

The U by Moen Smart Faucet is an award-winning touchless smart technology for the kitchen. Powered by voice activation, U by Moen Smart Faucet is intuitive and precise and enhances eleven faucet collections, so there is a model to suit every kitchen design style.

U by Moen Faucet - Majewski

U by Moen Smart Faucets are an essential addition to your connected home and enhance your kitchen with safety and money-saving benefits.

You don't have to touch the faucet handle to turn on the water, so there is no danger of spreading germs or contaminants to your faucet when you wash your hands.

A smart kitchen faucet is also advantageous to both you and the environment by conserving water.

U by Moen Smart Shower is a cloud-based, voice-activated shower. The addition of a smart shower to your connected home delivers temperature control, timed showers, remote controls, and presets for family members. With a smart shower, you are in control of the perfect showering experience.

How to Prevent Water Damage With Smart Water Technology

Water damage is often the result of several household-related problems. These can include blocked plumbing lines, surplus water pressure, broken seals, and loose connections, amongst others.

Moen offers you the first whole-home connected water product suite in the Flo. Flo by Moen™'s technology is leading-edge— offering you command over 'where, when, and how' you use water in your daily life.

Flo by Moen™ detects water changes and, by that, helps stave off excess moisture, and in extreme cases, flooding due to malfunctioning appliances and faulty pipes.

Flo by Moen™ is a groundbreaking smart home water security system that, along with U by Moen, presents products that will enhance your connection with water in your household and protect your home from potential leaks and water damage.

The Flo by Moen™ Smart Water Shutoff scans your water system and detects any leaks or weak areas, shutting down the system if alerted to any suspected trouble.

The Smart Water Detector recognizes leaks and moisture outside of your pipes, possibly due to overflowing drains, appliance disrepair, or weather.

The Sump Pump Monitor works similarly to the other smart monitors and offers detection of any problems that might arise with your sump pump.

The Flo senses high humidity or almost freezing pipes and sends an alert to connected devices like your phone, tablet, or computer. The Flo will automatically shut off your valves to avoid catastrophic damage.

A System Designed to Detect and Protect

Flo by Moen™ is a revolutionary smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7.

The Smart Water Shutoff monitors your entire water supply system for leaks and vulnerabilities.

Simultaneously, the Smart Water Detector senses leaks and moisture outside of the pipes, such as overflowing drains, appliance failures, or weather-related issues.

Experience Moen's Virtual House

Moen's smart water products will be an integral part of your connected home, sensing any problems with your plumbing and offering beautiful solutions for your kitchen and bathroom appliances.

For more information on the innovative experience offered by Moen, check out their virtual house.

The Flo by Moen™ Smart Water Detector and other smart systems use the same mobile app to alert you of any water troubles.

To keep things organized and to better identify where the area triggered the alert, you can assign a nickname to each sensor, such as kitchen sink, bathroom 1, and so on.

You will receive a critical alert if the Smart Water Detector senses water, and you can program it to send two other types of alerts:

  • Informational alerts: device is back online
  • Warning alerts: humidity, low temperatures, low battery, and more

Flo's alerts are sent by Moen and can be delivered by push notification, text, an email, or even a phone call if you subscribe to Moen's FloProtect service. For a minimal cost (just five dollars), FloProtect is an added extra, and it is excellent if you also have the Moen smart valve.

Majewski Smart Homes and Majewski Plumbing

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If you are looking for smart technology to complement your existing connected home, or even if you have no idea where to start, contact Majewski Plumbing to discuss your plans.

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