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2 Critical, Simple Steps to Prevent Leaks & Water Damage In Your Home with IntelliFlow & LeakSmart

IntelliFlow - Leak Prevention for your washing machine!
Published:  June 25, 2019

Have you ever had a washing machine leak? Whether it was a burst pipe or simply overflowing?

Well, this happened to one of our clients, Jim. His washing machine's water sensor malfunctioned, causing the water to overflow onto the floor - and since the machine was on the second floor, the water came down through the ceiling on the floor below ... talk about a bad day!

Providing silent and reliable operation, the series A2C IntelliFlow valves are used in residential applications to protect against catastrophic water damage from a burst inlet hose connected to a washing machine.

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

Jim's case was bad because of the irreparable damage the leak caused -

"I never would have thought a washing machine would overflow, 'd never even heard of such a thing.... the water ruined my wife's antique decorative couch that was directly underneath of where the water burst through the ceiling... the couch was irrevocably damaged. And then we had to have a specialist dry the ceiling for 3 days before it was repaired - it was a nightmare, and I wish we'd had Frank's team at Majewski Plumbing install IntelliFlow years ago to prevent such a catastrophe - the couch can't be replaced."

IntelliFlow PREVENTS LEAKS. Plain and simple.

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So how does it work?

As shown in the video above, users can surface mount the valve or use the A2C-WB wall box model for recessed mounting.

The Watts IntelliFlow senses electrical current to determine when the washing machine is on or off, and then opens or closes the hot and cold inlet valves as needed to allow or prevent water from flowing to the washer.

With standard ½” water inlets and ¾” outlets, it operates on 120 volts and contains a three-prong outlet to accept a washing machine power cable.

The hot and cold valves work with a maximum pressure of 150PSI and a maximum temperature of 180 degrees F.

Similar to our LeakSmart technology, The A2C models also include a floor-mounted leak sensor that automatically shuts off the water supply to the washing machine if a leak is detected. In Jim's case, this would have saved his wife's decorative couch and the costly repairs to the ceiling.

Available separately, the A2-IntelliTimer can be used to make the IntelliFlow compatible with 240VAC-powered appliances.

This system paired with our LeakSmart technology, which turns off your main water valve in the event that water is detected in a leak, ensures that you never have to worry about home floods or burst pipes and water damage ever again!

The benefit of combing LeakSmart is that if water is detected, it not only automatically shuts off the water valves, but also sends a push notification to your smartphone via the LeakSmart app that a leak has been detected, so you are alerted immediately.

Below are a few pictures from our installation of the IntelliFlow Leak Prevention system onto Jim's new washer after repairs were done.

The system and installation are now at an affordable price during our Pride 5% off a month - Don't put off protecting your home and valuables.

Contact us for more info and protect your home!

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